• Dublin Students Form Connections with the Dublin Historical Society Project

    Dublin Intermediate Third Grade learns how our community solved a problem using problem solving strategies.

    Dublin Intermediate used Skype to interview Mary Yantis, from the Dublin Historical Society, on how our community came together to solve a problem on restoring a church on Grafton Street.  Students learned how our community applied problem solving strategies to a problem within our own community. 

    Dublin Middle School creates solutions for our Community and the Dublin Historical Society.

    Dublin Middle School Leadership students are learning about the rich history surrounding our school, community, and county.  Students have decided to help the community by creating community web sites, documentaries, and brochures to raise awareness on the many historical projects in our community. 

    Learning about our school history at the Dublin Historical Museum
    Mary Yantis gives our middle school students a personal tour of the museum and gives students valuable information regarding the history of our school and community. 

    Students research, gather information, and take photos on our trip to the museum
    Students research, gather information and facts, and take digital pictures on our field trip to the museum. 
    DMS students have decided to give back to our community by creating informative websites, brochures, and documentaries on the following community projects. 
    • Dublin Historical Museum Website
    • Church on Grafton Restoration Project
    • Ben Hogan Museum
    • Grist Mill Restoration Project

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