• Dublin ISD Technology Executive Summary

    Dublin Independent School District has devoted time, energy and funding to provide equity and access in educational opportunity through increasing technology tools across the district. Through technology DISD proposes to transform traditional teaching and learning classrooms confined by the limitations of textbooks and limited library facilities to the unlimited potential of the Internet and the possibilities available on the World Wide Web. Everyday access to contemporary information systems will support ongoing efforts to systematically restructure the educational environment in Dublin ISD to improve teacher performance and student achievement.

    DISD technology planning focuses on providing an Internet-rich environment in all district classrooms to assist in instruction so that successful performance gains may be documented for all students representing all student populations. Connectivity allows learning to occur in different and non-traditional ways, expanding the numbers and types of learners regardless of their ages, disabilities, or learning styles. In addition, these classroom connections allow students to explore expanded career opportunities; allow students and professional staffs to gain improved technology skills; allow students to experience real-world applications introduced in core academic areas; increase parental awareness and appreciation for the importance of technology; and expand curricula areas to meet increasing enrollment and graduation requirements.

    The telecommunications technologies proposed will encourage parents of DISD students to become involved in their children’s education. Through district efforts parents may participate by electronically sharing homework assignments, viewing classroom activities through distance learning opportunities, and/or electronically receiving parent education programming. Literacy programs may also be expanded and enhanced through distance learning opportunities by developing a system for parent and community access to existing and emerging networks.