• Dublin Independent School District Goals 
    Goal #1
    DISD will prepare students to achieve or exceed federal and state standards on all state assessments and other standardized tests.
    Goal #2
    DISD will increase awareness, interest, and involvement in the education of students by encouraging the cooperative efforts of staff, parents, and community to develop school spirit and community pride in Dublin schools.
    Goal #3
    DISD will provide high-quality, on-going staff development to maintain 100% of classes taught by highly qualified teachers in core academic subject areas.
    Goal #4
    DISD will provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment for students and staff, and will plan for future facility needs.
    Goal #5
    DISD will prepare students for successful post-secondary opportunities by engaging them in college and career readiness activities.
    Goal #6
    DISD will maintain vital special population programs to increase performance on objectives set by both federal and state accountability systems.*

    * Special populations include but may not be limited to the following student groups:
    ESL, Bilingual, Migrant, Dyslexia, GT, Special Education, Comp Ed, African American, White, Hispanic, Economically Disadvantaged, Limited English Proficient, and At-Risk.