• Students at Dublin ISD are participating in our first STEAM camp.  You may ask, What is steam?  Why not STEM?  The art component really encourages creativity, which is a huge component of STEM.  It is very important that we encourage instructors to really tap into the creativity skills when introducing science and math topics.  The digital art component is a powerful piece of STEM and will create a lasting memory or learning experience for students to tap into.  Students will be participating in hands on activities, meeting professionals in the field, will visit NASA, and build NXT and WeDo Robots. 

    Students in my district are participating in NASA's MMS 2014 Challenge and are learning about solar weather, the sun, applications of the scientific method, and NASA's MMS 2014 mission.  STEAM is allowing for students and teachers to be more creative with approaches used in the classroom.  We invite our community to our STEAM showcase, Thursday, June21, from 3-4 PM.