• Varsity Football vs Palmer

    Owl Stadium, Joshua

    Friday, 11/19, 7:30 PM 

    Owl Stadium Rules and Regulations

    These rules and regulations are in place to guarantee the safety of all. Joshua ISD appreciates your support and cooperation.


    1. Alcohol, controlled substances and firearms are prohibited on school property. (State Law)

    2. The use of tobacco products in any form is prohibited on all school district property. (State Law)

    3. Items such as Frisbees, balls, whistles, skateboards, roller blades, etc. are not allowed.

    4. Glass bottles / containers are prohibited in the stadium and parking lot.

    5. No pyrotechnics (fireworks) can be used in the facility.

    6. No outside food or drink may be brought into the stadium. (This does not apply to visiting teams, bands, drill teams or cheerleaders.)

    7. Coolers are not allowed. (This does not apply to the visiting football team.)

    8. No pets allowed except for guide dogs.

    9. Backpacks are not allowed in the stadium, all bags are subject to search.

    10. All elementary students must be accompanied by an adult to enter the stadium.

    11. Spectators that leave the stadium must purchase another ticket to reenter.

    12. No loitering will be permitted. All spectators must sit in the stands and keep off the rails. Parents wishing to film will be directed to a specific area.

    13. Tailgating may be allowed prior to an event with written approval from the JISD. Tailgating may be held in selected portions of parking lots A & B only.

    14. Buses should be parked in designated areas only.


    1. Gates open 90 minutes prior to the game time for spectators. Home gates are located on the west side of the stadium. Visitor gates and parking are located on the east side of the stadium.

    2. Band members, drill team, cheerleaders, and pep squads must enter through the assigned gate and must be accompanied by a sponsor.


    1. No sound systems will be allowed into the stadium unless approved by stadium officials prior to the game.

    2. Artificial noise makers such as cannons, train horns, air horns, long trumpet horns, and similar items are not permitted in the bleachers. Official school spirit items, such as a bell on a trailer or special horns, will be permitted if operated by school officials. Prior notification must be given to the stadium officials.

    3. Confetti, balloons, streamers, or similar items requiring detailed clean-up are not permitted in the stadium.

    4. No face painting or sign painting allowed in the stadium. All signs and faces must be painted prior to entering the stadium.

    5. No climbing or jumping over the rails from bleachers to the field.

    6. Aisles should be kept clear at all times. No loitering. Spectators must sit in the stands and keep off the rails.

    7. Students and/or spectators may not cross to the other side of the stadium.

    8. Do not use tape to attach signs, banners, flags or balloons. They should be attached using “TyWraps” ,“ZipTies” or tied to fencing areas.

    9. Balloons or signs should not be attached to the fence at the bottom of the bleachers nor on the handrails. These present safety hazards and obstruct the view of our guests and spectators.

    10. All signs and banners must promote the school team and program. No negative signs toward the opponent. At the close of the event, designated personnel from each school/ organization will remove and dispose of all signage and trash in trash receptacles placed throughout the stadium.

    11. Advertising signs will be limited to broadcast media only and cannot block the view of the spectators